Function Reference

modelx Attributes defined in the top level module.
new_model([name]) Create and return a new model.
new_space([name, bases, formula]) Create and return a new space in the current model.
defcells([space, name]) Decorator/function to create cells from Python functions.
get_models() Returns a dict that maps model names to models.
get_object(name) Get a modelx object from its full name.
cur_model([model]) Get and/or set the current model.
cur_space([space]) Get and/or set the current space of the current model.
write_model(model, model_path) Write model to files.
read_model(model_path[, name]) Read model from files.
open_model(path[, name]) Load a model saved from a file and return it.
setup_ipython() Set up IPython shell for modelx.
restore_ipython() Restore IPython’ default error message.
set_recursion([maxdepth]) Set formula recursion limit.
start_stacktrace() Activate stack tracing.
stop_stacktrace() Deactivate stack tracing.
get_stacktrace() Get stack trace.
clear_stacktrace() Clear stack trace.

Class Reference

Model Top-level container in modelx object hierarchy.
UserSpace Container of cells, other spaces, and cells namespace.
DynamicSpace Dynamically created space.
Cells Data container with a formula to calculate its own values.
SpaceView(data) A mapping of space names to space objects.
CellsView(data[, keys]) A mapping of cells names to cells objects.
CellNode(node) A combination of a cells, its args and its value.