spyder-modelx releases

v0.0.9 (24 March 2019)

  • MxAnalyzer now has two tabs and supports successors as well as predecessors.
  • MxExplorer and MxDataView now support multiple MxConsoles.
  • Fix MxAnalyzer nodes holding Cells objects as their values.

v0.0.8 (13 January 2019)

  • Fix MxAnalyzer crash.
  • MxAnalyzer can now handle Cells with no arguments.

v0.0.7 (31 December 2018)

  • Add MxAnalyzer widget. See MxAnalyzer section for details.
  • MxExplorer now shows reference items.
  • MxExplorer now displays dynamic spaces as parametrized expressions.

v0.0.6 (2 December 2018)

  • Add Formula list widget to MxExplorer.
  • Support Spyder 3.3.2.

v0.0.5 (21 October 2018)

  • Add MxDataView widget. See MxDataView section for details.