modelx v0.23.0 (19 August 2023)#

This release introduces the following enhancements, bug fixes and changes.

To update modelx, run the following command:

>>> pip install modelx --upgrade

If you’re using Anaconda, use the conda command instead:

>>> conda update modelx


  • Pure-Python models exported via export_model() or Model.export, now accurately differentiate among the ‘auto’, ‘relative’ and ‘absolute’ reference modes.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed an issue where saving a model to a zip archive on a network location would fail. (GH82)

  • Nested parameters in exported models now behave consistently with their original models.


  • Auto-coercion (implicit conversion) of parameterless Cells objects to their values is now deprecated. Users will receive a deprecation warning when this conversion occurs.

  • Starting with this release, modelx no longer supports Python 3.6, given that this version reached its end of life over a year ago. While modelx may still function with Python 3.6, modelx won’t be tested against this version anymore.