modelx v0.3.0 (18 February 2020)#

This release introduces some backward incompatible changes to make modelx design clearer and easier to understand.


spyder-modelx needs to be updated to v0.2.0 for this version of modelx.

Backward Incompatible Changes#

  • Reassigning values to existing references in UserSpaces are now allowed without first deleting the references.

  • References in Spaces can be defined as different types of references. If a name in a Space is defined as different types of references, the referenced value for the name is determined based on the following order of reference types from the highest priority to the lowest.

    • Arguments (ItemSpaces only)

    • Parent arguments (DynamicSpaces only)

    • Dynamically defined references (ItemSpaces only)

    • Static references

    • Global references

  • RootDynamicSpace is now renamed to ItemSpace.

  • all_spaces() is renamed to _all_spaces().

  • ItemSpace objects are auto-named with two leading underscores (for example, __Space1 and __Space2).

  • dynamic_spaces is renamed to _named_itemspaces.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix the issue of dynamic spaces not inheriting base refs created after them (GH25).

  • Fix _direct_bases