modelx v0.24.0 (2 December 2023)#

This release introduces several backward-incompatible changes.

To update to modelx v0.24.0, use the following command:

>>> pip install modelx --upgrade

Anaconda users should use the conda command instead:

>>> conda update modelx

Backward Incompatible Changes#

1. Changes in Inheritance Behavior of UserSpaces with Child Spaces#

In previous versions, inheriting from a UserSpace with child spaces automatically included those child spaces in the inheritance.

Starting from v0.24.0, child spaces are no longer inherited by default. Consider the following example:

import modelx as mx

m = mx.new_model("m")
A = m.new_space("A")
B = A.new_space("B")
foo = A.new_cells("foo", formula=lambda x: x)
C = m.new_space("C", bases=A)

C.B    # Now raises AttributionError

Previously, creating a new space C inheriting from A would automatically copy B, a child space of A, in C. The updated behavior changes this; B is no longer inherited automatically. The figure below compares the behavior before and after the change.


To inherit B in C, you need to explicitly create a new space in C and inherit from B.

C.new_space('B', bases=B)

Note: This change does not affect dynamic spaces. Dynamic child spaces of a parameterized space are still copied:

A.parameters = ("i",)
A[1].B   # Returns <DynamicSpace m.A[1].B>

2. Removal of Deprecated Backup and Restore Functions#

The backup and restore feature has been deprecated and is now removed. The following functions and methods are no longer available:

  • restore_model

  • open_model

  • Model.backup