modelx v0.0.23 (9 August 2019)#

New Features#

This release introduces methods to create Space and Cells from Pandas objects or CSV files.

When the model is written out, the data source Pandas objects are saved as files in the folder of the parent space. The CSV files are copied in the parent space folder.

Methods to Create Cells

The first method above creates one or more cells in the parent space from a Pandas DataFrame or Series object passed as an argument. If a DataFrame is passed, created cells correspond to the DataFrame’s columns. The second method creates cells from a CSV file. In either case, the created cells are populated with values read from the date source.

Methods to Create a Space and Cells

Those methods above create a UserSpace in the parent object (Model or UserSpace) from the data source (DataFrame/Series or CSV file) and then creates one or more Cells in the created space. The created UserSpace can have parameters by specifying which parameters should be interpreted as Space parameters in stead of Cells parameters. When the UserSpace has parameters, DynamicSpaces are also created in the UserSpace, and Cells in the DynamicSpaces are also populated with values from the data source.

Other Enhancements#

Backward Incompatible Changes#

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix the default values of names_row and param_cols parameters of new_cells_from_excel()

  • Fix an error when passing a lambda function whose definition spans across multiple lines in a function call.