spyder-modelx v0.6.0 (29 March 2021)#

This release introduces following enhancements and new features.


spyder-modelx v0.6.0 requires modelx v0.13.1 or newer.

The safest way to update your existing installation is to update modelx and spyder-modelx manually:

$ pip install --upgrade modelx

$ pip install --upgrade --no-deps spyder-modelx


Anaconda users should not forget --no-deps option when installing or upgrading spyder-modelx using pip. Otherwise, pip may overwrite packages that spyder-modelx depends on.


Enhanced MxDataViewer#

The former MxDataView is now renamed as MxDataViewer, and it can now show values of list, set, tuple, dict, numpy array, in addition to pandas DataFrame, Series, and Index in a tabular format. It now also shows the values and types of scalar objects, such as int and str.

Not only MxDataViewer is capable of showing the value of the expression entered by the user as it was previously, MxDataViewer is now connected to MxExplorer, and it gives an option to show the value of the selected Cells or Reference in MxExplorer.

The value shown in MxDataViewer is now updated manually by the Update button.


MxDataViewer showing a pandas Series#


MxDataViewer showing a dict and its nested lists#

Enhanced MxExplorer#

Two new columns, Is Derived and No. Data are added to MxExplorer. The Is Derived column shows whether each Cells or Space is derived or not. The No. Data columns shows the number of values in each Cells.

In the Properties tab, the split between the Property pane and the Formula pane is adjustable, allowing the user to expand either pane.


MxExplorer with the new columns#

Writing a model to a zipfile and also reading a model from a zip file are supported from the context menu items.


“Read Model” dialog box#


“Write Model” dialog box#

Message bar in MxAnalyzer#

A message bar is added at the bottom of the MxAnalyzer widget to indicate errors when expressions entered in the Object and Args boxes cannot be evaluated.


MxAnalyzer showing an error message#