modelx v0.25.0 (18 February 2024)#

This release introduces the following enhancements, backward-incompatible changes and bug fixes.

To update to modelx v0.25.0, use the following command:

>>> pip install modelx --upgrade

Anaconda users should use the conda command instead:

>>> conda update modelx


Introduction of a new property Model.path#

This release introduces a new property path to the Model class. This property holds the path from which the model is loaded or to which it is saved, represented as a pathlib.Path object. This property can be accessed within formulas using the special reference _model.path.

This property make it possible for formulas to locate external files by using paths relative to the model’s location.

Python 3.12 support#

modelx now supports Python 3.12.

Backward Incompatible Changes#

Spec changes due to C-level recursion avoidance#

In this release the following two spec changes are introduced:

  • The ability to call cells within formulas using the subscription operation [] will be removed. This feature was primarily syntactic sugar, so users can adapt their models to use the call operation () instead.

  • Other methods on Cells, such as match(), will not be available anymore. If needed, cells can still be accessed directly using _space.cell_name, where cell_name is the specific name of the cells.

Rationale for backward-incompatible changes

In Python versions prior to 3.11, Python’s recursion mechanism triggered C-level recursion, meaning the recursion depth in Python was constrained by the size of the C-stack.

With Python 3.11, there was a significant change: Pure Python recursion won’t induce C-level recursion anymore. This separation appeared to address the issue initially. However, the introduction of a hardcoded limit on C-level recursion in Python 3.12 revealed that certain dunder methods, like __call__ and __getitem__, still induce C-level recursion.

Since modelx heavily relies on cells objects calling other cells through __call__ or __getitem__ in their formulas, the recursion limit for modelx formulas is effectively bound by the C-level recursion limit. Although Python core developers have plans to increase the hardcoded limit on C-level recursion in future Python releases, it doesn’t fully resolve the core issue: the modelx recursion limit remains constrained by the C-stack size, which varies across different platforms. For instance, on Windows, the default C-stack size is smaller and can’t be altered after thread initiation. This limitation has been circumvented by initiating a new thread with a larger stack size for formula execution. In contrast, Linux allows dynamic increase of the C-stack size.

To address this issue comprehensively, a backward-incompatible change is introduced: In the namespace associated with a modelx space, cell names will now be bound to the method, bypassing the Cells.__call__ method. This adjustment effectively detaches modelx recursion from C-level recursion, rendering the recursion in modelx virtually limitless on all supported platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux).

This restructuring aims to future-proof modelx against recursion limits across different future Python versions and operating systems.

Bug Fixes#