spyder-modelx v0.13#

To update spyder-modelx, run the following command:

>>> pip install spyder-modelx --upgrade

If you’re using Anaconda, use the conda command instead:

>>> conda update spyder-modelx

spyder-modelx v0.13.6 (6 April 2024)#

This release is for supporting Spyder version 5.5.2 - 5.5.3.

spyder-modelx v0.13.5 (26 November 2023)#

This release reflects the following changes and bug fixes.

  • Formula Editor now shows line numbers.

  • Fixes the cursor line in Formula Editor being black initially.

  • Fixes Formula List

  • Supports pandas 2.0+

spyder-modelx v0.13.4 (5 May 2023)#

This release is for supporting Spyder version 5.4.3.

spyder-modelx v0.13.3 (4 February 2023)#

This release is for supporting Spyder version 5.4.0 - 5.4.2.

spyder-modelx v0.13.2 (29 October 2022)#

This release supports Spyder 5.3.3.

spyder-modelx v0.13.1 (16 October 2022)#

This release fix a bug that raises an error when opening the Preferences in Spyder 5.2+ (GH10).

spyder-modelx v0.13.0 (30 July 2022)#

This release introduces enhanced MxDataView and supports Spyder 5.3.0 - 5.3.2.

Enhanced MxDataView#

This release introduces an enhanced MxDataView widget for Spyder5. For Spyder4, MxDataView in this release still works the same as the previous release’s.

MxDataView is used for viewing the values of modelx objects, such as Cells and References. It is useful especially when you examine data objects, such as numpy arrays and pandas Series and DataFrames, but the previous MxDataView had the following limitations and issues:

  • Only one data object can be shown at a time.

  • The selected object in MxDataView is linked to the selected object in MxExplorer, which is inconvenient when you want to keep checking the value of the same object as you change the formulas of other objects.

  • The Expression box has rarely been used.

To address the issues above, MxDataView is now enhanced as follows:

  • The MxDataView widget now has tabs in it, allowing you to view multiple data objects at the same time.

  • To select an object in MxDataView, you now need to explicitly select the object from the context menu or the tool bar of MxExplorer.

  • The Expression box is removed.


Tabs and context menu in MxDataView#


New items in toolbar and context menu of MxExplorer for selecting objects in MxDataView#

Support for Spyder 5.3.x#

This release supports Spyder 5.3.0, 5.3.1, 5.3.2 and possibly future versions of Spyder 5.