spyder-modelx v0.11#

spyder-modelx v0.11.1 (2 January 2022)#

This release is for supporting Spyder 5.1.

spyder-modelx v0.11.0 (18 December 2021)#


The Data tab is addeted to MxExplorer. The Data tab lists objects referenced in the selected model and associated DataSpec.

In the upper half of the Data tab, objects referenced in the model, except for those that are of modelx types, are listed together with the References referring the objects. If the object selected in the upper pane has an associated DataSpec, The parameters of the DataSpec are listed in the bottom half of the Data tab.


The Data tab in MxExplorer#

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix error with Spyder 4+ on closing MxConsole.