spyder-modelx v0.8.0 (19 May 2021)#

This release is to support precedents() introduced in modelx v0.15.0.

To use modelx and spyder-modelx out of the box without any installation, a custom WinPython is provided on the Download page on lifelib.io.

The safest way to update your existing installation is to update modelx and spyder-modelx manually:

$ pip install --upgrade modelx

$ pip install --upgrade --no-deps spyder-modelx


Anaconda users should not forget --no-deps option when installing or upgrading spyder-modelx using pip. Otherwise, pip may overwrite packages that Spyder depends on.


spyder-modelx v0.8.0 requires modelx v0.15.0 or newer.


The precedents tab in MxAnalyzer now lists References with values.

import modelx as mx

space = mx.new_space()

space.x = 1
space.Child.y = 2
space.Child.GrandChild.z = 3

def foo(t):
    return t

def bar(t):
    return foo(t) + x + Child.y + Child.GrandChild.z


Precedents tab in MxAnalyzer before change#


New Precedents tab in MxAnalyzer#