property UserSpace.doc#

Documentation string

doc is a property of Model, Space and Cells for setting and getting a string to document the object.

When a Model is written to files by write_model() or its variants, the docsting of the Model and UserSpace objects in the Model are written at the top of the files as if they are the docstrings of Python modules.

The doc property of a Cells is linked to the docstring of its Formula if the Formula is not defined by a lambda function. When the doc property of a Cells is updated, then the docstring of the Cells’ Formula is also updated, and vice versa:

>>> foo.formula
def foo(x):
    """The docstring of foo"""
    return x

>>> foo.doc
'The docstring of foo'

>>> foo.doc = "The doc propery of foo"

>>> foo.formula
def foo(x):
    """The doc propery of foo"""
    return x

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Changed in version 0.14.0.